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Your dissertation methodology should be a thorough explanation of the methods you're going to use to carry out your research and experiments. Your reader needs to have a clear understanding of the approach you're taking to find the answers you discuss in the dissertation. It's very important to provide the detailed description of a research process and data analysis. Any scholar should be able to replicate the steps you've made and come to the analogous results. In this way, your paper will be more credible. You need to show the transparency of the research process and prove that the methods you've chosen are more relevant and effective than some of the other possible ones.

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Tips on Writing a Thesis Discussion Chapter

Tips on Writing a Dissertation Methodology

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    • It's really important to include every bit of the necessary information to this key chapter of your dissertation. In order to avoid the risk of missing something pretty significant out, make an outline and note down all the points you want to write about. It will also help you structure the methodology chapter and make the information more organized.
    • Don't use complex sentence structures to describe your approach. Some of the experiments you're going to make or those made by other scholars you're going to rely on writing your dissertation may be rather difficult to understand. Therefore, try your best to explain them using simple and concise sentences to be as clear as possible.
    • Work on the questions you have the intention to answer with your paper. Make them very specific and emphasize the importance of each of them. Once you have them noted down, it'll be easier for you to choose the right research method.
    • Decide what kind of method is more appropriate for your topic – quantitative or qualitative. Will it be enough for you to use close-ended questions or you need to explore the discussed issue in more depth?
    • Look through the available sources dedicated to your topic and see what kind of methods did the scholars use in the past. Will your approach be unique and is there something you can borrow from the experience of previous scientific experiments?