Graduate Essay

You can keep postponing writing your graduate school essay but eventually you'll need to start working on it. Without any doubt, it's very difficult and stressful task. You need to come up with the idea how to present yourself and grab the interest of an admissions officer. He should be convinced that you're the right choice for their school and your personality goes beyond GPA score and is definitely worth paying their attention. If you are at a loss and can't think of the most appropriate way to structure the information about yourself get expert advice from our custom writing service. Our writers will be glad to create an inspiring and noteworthy essay for you.

As you know there's no universal method for writing the perfect grad essay. Fortunately, there are some tips that might help you.

Focus on Your Goal
First of all, you have to keep in mind that your goal is not describing some memorable episodes of your life, but proving that your background and experience are perfect for the school you've chosen. Therefore, you have to name some of the reasons why you've chosen this particular field and school. But don't try to sweet-talk them by writing about the ratings of the school; you won't impress anyone with that. What you want to do is to demonstrate that you've done some research and are really interested in studying there. For example, you might write a few lines about a faculty member and mention their accomplishments. That will show them your genuine interest in the school.

Create Intrigue
You might have heard from some of the professors that it can be a good idea fro the introduction of your essay to have a clear statement summing up your future paragraphs. This technique is often used in writing persuasive essays. However, your graduate essay's introduction should have an intrigue so that an admissions officer would want to continue reading it. There's no doubt that they have limited amount of time and won't be interested in reading your essay further if there will be no  hooks in it.

Transitions Are as Important as the Rest of Your Essay   
There has to be a logical flow of thoughts in your essay. Using transitions doesn't only mean to include some of the words like “whereas, indeed, even though, ...” in random order. They serve as supporting blocks for building your argumentation and emphasizing key ideas.

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