Persuasive Essay

This might be the most difficult kind of an essay writing as it requires collecting solid evidence basis to prove your point and conducting a thorough research to provide sound reasoning. You need to use examples, factual information, and quotes from reputable sources to convince a reader to agree with your point of view. If you want to write a truly impressive essay you should not only prove that your opinion is the right one, but also that the opposing view is wrong. Our custom writing service gives you some of the tips that might help in crafting a good persuasive essay.

Choose your position and state it clearly in the first paragraph. Your reader has to have a clear idea on which point of view you stand on. That's why you should pick a side and make sure you don't end up somewhere in the middle by the end of your essay. If you have a topic that is rather contradictory make a list of arguments for both sides and chose the one with more convincing reasoning.

Research the topic and include only appropriate information. Study your topic very carefully and don't focus exclusively on the arguments supporting your viewpoint. Try to include some background information and explanations of terminology if necessary because your audience might not be aware of all the ins and outs of the topic. Use only current, factual, and accurate information for your evidential support.

Don't forget about the transitions between the main parts of your essay. Even if you've gathered the most convincing arguments and can support your viewpoint with undeniable evidence your reader will fail to follow the flow of information if you don't use logical transitions between introduction, body, and conclusion. 

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