Dissertation Proposal

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Tips on Writing a Thesis Discussion Chapter

What Is It Necessary for You to Know When Writing a Dissertation Proposal?

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    • You can avoid presenting specific fact and figures in this part of your dissertation. All you have to do is to highlight the reason why your topic is important and needs to be explored. Provide a committee with some examples of possible implications of your future findings. Underline the fact that you'll be able to fill the existing gap in the field of your topic area with your paper, for example. This part of your paper is aimed at selling your future dissertation, so make it look as good as you can.
    • Don't rush with choosing a topic. Spend some time doing your research and finding the gap you can fill in with your dissertation. You need to find the right balance between the topics you find to be interesting and those relevant to your studies. Remember that your dissertation can help you in finding a good job after getting your diploma. Look through the job openings in your field and maybe it will give you an idea of what to write about.
    • Paint a clear picture for the committee writing about the methods you're going to use to conduct your research. They have to understand what kind of approach you'll take and if it fits the expected results.
    • Your task here is to create a guide to your future dissertation. It has to interest the audience and give them a clear idea of what your paper will be about. Don't try to write a section you'll be able to include in the main part of your dissertation. You're just giving a preview of your work and ask the committee to approve it.
    • Mention the works of other scholars who made a significant contribution to the topic you've chosen. It's very important to demonstrate the committee that you're aware of the existing gaps in the modern knowledge of the discussed subject and are willing to fill them in with your dissertation.