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It appears that teachers use homework assignments with the only purpose - to make students struggle. It is something like a payback time for them. Their teachers tortured them and now they can do the same. The assignments get harder every year. The number of writing exercises grows and the complexity gets higher. But students still have only 24 hours in a day to cope with all of the points in their to-do lists. Let's be realistic and admit that it is not always possible to attend the lectures, go to the library, write papers, be engaged in extracurricular activities, and have some rest. The expectations are too high and the pressure is unbearable.

If you need a break from the constant stress of doing homework assignments, can help. Not only can we cope with any task you need us to, we also can give you some valuable tips. Check out this list of the most important points of some writing assignments you might get from your instructor.

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- don't make such a big emphasis on an introduction as it is only the beginning of your paper and the best part is still to come;
- use topic sentences to make the text easy to grasp;
- thesis statement is really as important as you think it is, so pay close attention to it.

Research papers:
- use only reliable sources if would like to include a quotation as there is a chance of crediting someone with something they never said;
- leave enough time for the research stage as it is crucial for the paper's outcome;
- include only the arguments you can support with credible and relevant argumentation.

- do not present your personal attitude towards a book/movie/play you are asked to write about;
- focus on the plot and characters.

- you can introduce your opinion on the topic you are writing about in an appropriate manner;
- you may assess the strengths and weaknesses of something you dedicate the paper to explaining the reasons behind your judgments. 

- make sure to highlight the key points of a speech using the appropriate words and corresponding writing techniques;
- attract the attention of the audience with your introductory paragraph using writing hooks.

If you experience any difficulties with these or other assignments, you can always turn for our help. This service assists students who need to keep their GPA score high but have no time for it. If your goal is to improve your grades without sacrificing all of your free time on it, this company is exactly what you need.

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