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Why do teachers have to make an assignment more difficult than it already is? If you get assigned to write a 5-pages long essay, how are you supposed to know how many words is it? You can use the biggest font and write one sentence to fit this requirement, can't you? Now, that would be silly to do, of course, but the problem still exists. To solve this riddle, you can use words to pages converter. It is an online tool that shows you a number of words you need to write to cope with a particular assignment. The tricky part is that every formatting style has its own requirements and standards. Writing a single-spaced and double-spaced text is a big difference. Typing a single-spaced essay using 12-point font will result in 500 words per page, whereas changing it to a double-spaced text will make it 500 words per two pages.


Why do teachers assign papers with specific requirements to the number of words to be used?
When the only specification of a writing assignment is the number of pages one needs to submit, it is quite confusing. Students can choose different font sizes and margins and end up with a huge gap of the number of words they've used. Therefore, if a teacher specifies the number of words they expect a student to use for a paper, it becomes a much clearer task. They can also mention the formatting style required as every style has specific guidelines.

How does a converter work?
most of the online converters will ask you to specify the page format, font, line spacing, font size and margins to make a precise calculation of pages. You can then type in your text or paste it from a document to see how many pages you have so far. It is easy and will not take a lot of time.

How long should a good essay be?
There is no right answer to this question. Even if a teacher gives you the exact number of the expected volume of a paper, it does not mean that it can't be longer or shorter. It is just an approximate number, not more. You can write an essay twice shorter than the requirement and explore the topic marvelously. Or you can ramble for 10 pages and present no solid point of view. It is all up to your writing skills, creativity, and inspiration.

What if my essay is shorter that it should be?
If you've managed to answer the main question and explain your point of view, it does not matter how many pages you've used for it. Do not be obsessed by the number of pages. If you feel that every additional passage will be excessive, do not include it in your paper. Focus on the quality of your content, not quantity. What a teacher says in the assignment is just an average number of pages an average student would need to write to support his/her thesis statement. If you need more or less of them, do not worry. 

The modern online tools can be very effective when you want to be precise with your writing assignments. There are tools that count the number of words you use, convert them into pages, proofread your paper, and even evaluate it. So, now you can even know your grade before turning the paper in. It seems that there are no limits to what digital tools can offer a modern student. And it would be foolish not to use them. The main goal of any student is to cope with homework assignments as quickly as possible. The less time you spend on the activities you do not enjoy, the more time there is to spend on something you like. Now, after you've finished writing a paper, you can easily find out if it meets the requirements of your teacher. And words to pages converter does just that. Make your paper look polished and professional with the help of online tools and services. Reach your goals without stressing out.