Writers Bump: Everything You Need to Know

Writer’s bump is a natural reaction of your body to constant pressure on your finger during the process of writing. It might seem to you that the bump itself is causing you pain. However, it is just the way your skin reacts to a repetitive irritant. In case writing is your passion or vocation, you might face the consequence of your hard work. Even though you might have no possibility to avoid having a writer’s bump, there are ways of its prevention. You can minimize the result of holding a pen in your hand by following some of these simple rules.

Change the current approach to writing

The most obvious way to avoid a writer’s bump is to switch to typing. Use your PC or laptop to write your masterpieces. After all, we are living in the 21st century. Using all kinds of gadgets is a crucial part of our everyday life. Of course, it might be difficult to adjust to typing at first. However, if your primary goal is to avoid a writer’s bump, you will find a way to do it.

Now let’s suppose you are not a devoted writer but a student who needs to note down the information during classes. The first option for you is to use a convenient gadget as well. Type using a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet. You might have a low speed of writing at first but your skills will improve with some time. Another option is to record classes. You can then can easily listen to the recordings. Moreover, there are software programs that can transform those recordings into written text. One more option is to improve your memory to be able to recall all the necessary information without writing it down. This approach might take a while but it is worth the effort.

Change your grip

In case you are not ready or not willing to give up writing by hand, you can work on changing the grip. Your goal is to change the position of your fingers a bit so that there is less pressure on the spot of a writer’s bump. Also, you can try to loosen your grip. It is all about pressure as well. A clear sign that you need to lower the pressure is when you feel pain from a pen or pencil. It might be challenging to get used to the new grip but be patient and try practicing it for at least a week.

One more point that you might explore is the pressure that you cause towards paper while writing. Are you pushing the pen too hard against the paper? If so, try to change it. The strength that you use has a direct influence on forming a writer’s bump.

Change the tools that you use

You might have heard about a pencil grip. Buy one and try using it while writing. It is a great mediator between your finger and the pencil. It will decrease the pressure. Also, you can buy different kinds of pens and pencils and give all of them a test drive. Maybe, some of them will have a softer surface or rubberized parts that will influence the pressure of writing.

If the writing tools do not cause any positive reaction, you can try to defeat the enemy from the opposite side. Buy gel caps or callus pads to protect the corresponding area on your finger. It is a great idea because it allows you to protect the specific pressure point.

As you can see, there are many ways of writer’s bump prevention. It is impossible to say which one is going to suit your specific case perfectly. Only you know that.

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