Writers Callus: Drawback of Being a Devoted Writer

Today people think that writer’s callus is an obsolete phenomenon. We do not use pens and pencils to write that much as we live in a digital era. Everybody is using their smartphones and laptops to make notes. Nevertheless, many calligraphers and those writers who prefer to stick to the old-fashioned approach stay true to using pens.

One of the common beliefs connected to esoterical studying is that writing by hand has more energy to it. It is something that you create in physical contact with the paper and, therefore, embodies your energy. If you are a fan of this school of thought, you might have a strong motivation to avoid typing. In this case, do you need to do anything with a writer’s callus? Does it harm your health in any way? Let’s find out.

What to do with it?

Think of it as an adaptation of your skin to the environment. It is a reaction of your body to the constant pressure caused by a pen or pencil that you use while writing. Even though it may feel like the bump itself is causing you pain, it is not. Do you need to do something with this bump? Well, it’s up to you to decide. You can do some minor cosmetic procedures to get rid of it. However, it will still appear within some time if you continue writing by hand. The only way to get rid of it forever is to switch to typing instead.

The presence of a essay writer’s callus in your life can be a sign of your hard work. Therefore, it will be appropriate to mention some possible ways of taking a break between the writing sessions. This approach will not help you get rid of the bump but you will give your hands a break from the constant pressure.

  • Get new experience. It does not mean that you need to travel far away on a desert island to discover new topics for your upcoming projects. Sometimes even an ordinary walk in a park will do. Watch others interact, observe the behavior of people that surround you. The best way to make your writing believable and appealing is to write about something you know. When you’ve seen certain scenes from daily life, you will know what your characters need to do.
  • Try any kind of meditation. If you are into yoga, you already know the basics of meditation and helpful asanas to relax. However, not everyone likes yoga. Find the kind of meditation that brings you energy. Sometimes even 15 minutes of silence can refresh your mind and body. Consider some activities that do not seem like meditation at first sight. Cooking, cycling, jogging, etc. might be the right choice for you.
  • Read something when you get writer’s block. Do not torture yourself by staring at a blank page. If you do not have any bright ideas now, take a break and read something. Practice shows that reading a book helps you come up with new ideas fast enough. You analyze the techniques that other writers used. It lest your brain process the new information and generate new brilliant approaches to continue your story.
  • Watch something exciting. If you are not in the mood to read, let your brain relax by watching an interesting TV series or engaging movie. After all, you will hear the dialogs between characters. Doing so might help you generate new ideas as well. The secret here is to switch your mind from one topic to another. When you can’t think of anything else except for watching the next episode, you give your brain the long-awaited pause from writing.

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